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Tugger Carts are an Alternative to Fork Lifts

As more industrial production starts happening, there has always been a need felt for transporting materials and goods from one place to the other. Since much time, the fork lift has been there but due to its certain limitations, the industry is more inclined towards the use of tugger carts. These carts are the perfect alternative to the bulky forklifts that have been there in the business for quite some time now. The relative ease of using a cart is the prime reason why these are most desired by people these days. Apart from it, there are certain other reasons mentioned below that seem to vouch for these carts rather than forklifts.

• The disaster numbers are worrisome – Only in the US, there are more than hundred deaths on account of forklift related incidents. Coupled with this, there is another at least a lakh accident that results in grievous injuries. All this amounts to massive tolls, both physically and financially. It is also estimated that $135,000,000 are lost each year in accidents involving forklifts. There are 855,000 forklifts in the US and roughly 11% of these are involved in accidents each year and this can be a very substantial figure. These figures are massive and also go to show that forklifts are not at all as safe as a tugger cart for operation and hence the preference is gradually shifting towards the carts.
• Forklifts can be inconvenient and expensive – The use of forklifts can also be very inconvenient compared to the heavy duty industrial cart because more materials can be transported easily in them with much ease. Also, the vision is not impaired by the use of these carts and moreover, a place can be left clean after the use of a cart unlike the forklift which tends to make a place dirty as well as can be quite noisy.
All these features have made the carts more popular compared to forklifts and are used more frequently. click here to get more information industrial flatbed carts.