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UK Manufacturer of Stab And Bullet Proof Body Armour

Fortress Armour is a trusted designer, manufacturer and supplier of UK body armour, which include stab vest, bullet proof vestataffordable prices. This is our trademark because we saw the need for quality body armour at discounted prices.

We realize that most products out there do not meet up with the requirements of organizations, military members, and civilians who want to have body armour that is both affordable and reliable. Therefore, we decided to establish a brand that would offer these individuals the body armour they wanted, also at an affordable price. Driven by the same commitment and dedication, Fortress Armour continues to provide the best UK body armour possible.

Why NeedForBody Armor?
Individuals at one point in time may find themselves in situations where they need body armour. For instance, there are times when people go into dangerous situations.

Military personnel and tactical teams wouldrealize that our covert/overt vests can offer them the best needed protection to stay safe in any combative condition. Our body armour is also usually worn by security guards and law enforcement agents, or anybody with similar occupations. More so, wearing our vest providesa sense of security for individuals who do not feel secure in their workplace, and ensures they are safe from their most feared threats.

Fortress Armour has taken sufficient time to carry out researches, and has used knowledge acquire from this to provide customers with high quality body armour. We realized that everybody has the right to protection from weapon threats. Hence, our products are affordable; anyone can afford our top quality, durable body armour.

Our UK body armouris special because all of the protective features present in our body armour consist of 100 percent DuPontâ„¢ Kevlar. And we constantly source our Kevlar from manufacturers that have anestablishedrecord in the provision of high quality protective panels that are safe, durable, and offers the max. protection.

Visit our website a wide-ranging collection of concealable, tactical,cutting-edge ballistic, and lightweight protective and spike resistant stab vest, bullet proof vest that offer unmatched affordability, comfort and durability.
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