How to choose the right drug testing kit

Workplace drug testing is becoming a common policy in most organizations. While there are some organizations that prefer hiring certified medical officers or laboratory assistants to conduct 5 panel drug tests, other organizations prefer doing it in-house. In-house drug testing is common because of the availability of drug testing kits. This means that an organization will have to purchase the right drug testing kits in order to screen for drugs on their employees. But as far as buying drug testing kits is concerned, organizations should understand that drug testing kits are not the same.

A lot of sophisticated technology goes into the production of drug testing kits such as the 5 panel drug test kit. Just like many other products, sometimes corners are cut in order to reduce the production cost and this sometimes detriments the quality of the products. For this reason, organizations should be very careful when buying drug testing kits. There are various ways of choosing the right drug testing kits.

An organization can only choose the right drug testing kit by determining the types of drugs they want to screen for. While all illicit or prohibited drugs do impact on the general safety of employees at workstations, some organizations may only want to screen for presence of specific drugs. Many online sites offer an array of drug testing kits to screen for just one drug. There are test kits that can screen for presence of synthetic cannabis or cannabis as well as various types of drugs simultaneously.

For an organization that wants to test for presence of drugs such as THC, PCP, amphetamine, opiates, cocaineand methamphetamine, the organization should consider purchasing the 5 panel drug testing kit. It is also possible to purchase a drug testing kit that that screen more than 5 drugs. In this case, 7-panel, 10-panel and 12-panel drug testing kits will be applicable. click here to get more information Drug Tests In Bulk.